The success of a project is in the impact of its presentation

Five Star Presentations is an online workshop divided into five steps. American language coaches work with you for a total of 10 hours, while you practice applying structure, language, and techniques to your presentation. Individual and group workshop options and flexible scheduling.

Simplicity and clarity

Learn how to construct an objective presentation, with simplicity, clarity, and meaning guiding you every step of the way.


Discover how to attract and maintain audience attention and interest throughout your presentations.

Describing graphs and trends

Learn how to present data, describe graphs and emphasize key figures by accurately contextualizing your presentations.

Slide design

Regardless of whether you design your presentation slides or not, there are still certain slide design principles that you should be aware of. Learn how to create impactful and engaging slides that provoke emotions and reinforce the most important points in your presentation.

Close the deal

Build a conclusion that states an opinion, offers analysis, and states the bigger impact of your topic.

Each ‘star’ (step) concludes with a group activity, where participants work together to apply language and techniques to their own presentations.

Road map

Road map

Construct your presentation using a predefined template and then present your introduction, main body, and conclusion to the group, receiving feedback from everyone afterwards.



We apply an absorption test to your final presentation, evaluating how effectively you implemented key principles, language, and techniques taught throughout the workshop.

Video recordings

Video recordings

“Before and after” video recordings show clear, tangible progress made in the workshop, displaying areas where you evolved and those where you still need to work to improve.


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