OTB goes beyond just teaching you how to speak English. Our customized materials and innovative methods teach you to think, behave and make yourself understood in English. Vocabulary exercises introduce and reinforce new words and expressions, and guide you to construct perfect sentences to communicate fluently in the most challenging of situations.

Real business English

English is an ever-growing part of your work routine, and OTB has all of the resources and tools to help you improve.  A constant focus on you speaking accurately, authentically, and with correct pronunciation results in effective communication to help you achieve your goals.

American language coaches

OTB language coaches expose students to native language, improving their comprehension and fine tuning their pronunciation. Our coaches are trained to employ our methodology and meet the real needs of your work routine, expanding your repertoire for authentic communication.


The OTB approach incorporates three pillars in online classes.  The combination of these three pillars in the classroom results in the confidence to speak fluently and ensure that you’re understood anywhere in the world.


Our classes focus on fluency and conversation where you speak in English 80% of the class time, helping you to achieve greater fluency, expand your vocabulary and speak with confidence.


Our materials, exercises and videos put you in direct contact with real-life work simulations. Our videos cover a variety of current events and hot topics in business, economics, innovation, technology, consumer habits and more, as it’s no secret that your engagement is what will ultimately determine how successful your learning experience is.


Our coaches pause for brief feedback throughout classes for corrections, reviewing grammar rules, and pronunciation, ensuring that you are constantly evolving in the language.

Business Skills Material

In addition to our traditional top-notch video discussion material, OTB English has another important differentiator: we bring you exercises, dynamics and activities that simulate the real situations you encounter in the professional world. Within this you expand your repertoire and speak more fluently in presentations, meetings, small talk, phone calls and work emails.

Weekly Videos

Stay up-to-date on current events and hot topics.  Practice discussing a variety of topics in today’s business world.

Cursos e Workshops

Good to Great Speaker

Curso à distância 100% voltado para os negócios. Plano de estudos, materiais, dinâmicas e desafios que preparam profissionais para um desempenho de destaque.

Five Star Presentations

Workshop que prepara profissionais para realizar apresentações em inglês com repertório envolvente para descrever de forma precisa e objetiva.

Diverse Fluency

Curso online para quem busca aprimorar o vocabulário, compreensão e fluência. As aulas são pautadas por vídeos de temas do cotidiano que estimulam a compreensão e o debate sobre os temas, onde o aluno fala 80% do tempo.