Private classes that focus on speaking and fluency - with all native teachers.


Natural words - phrases Americans use

  • “It’s a foreign brand”

  • “I’m wasting time with this”

  • “What else would you like?

Accept any Answer

  • “It’s an abroad brand”

  • “I’m losing time with this”

  • “What more would you like?”

Emphasize Student Speaking

  • 80:20 rule – Student speaks 80% of class time,

    coach speaks 20%

Teacher Explains, You Listen

  • Student has few opportunities to speak – focus

    on taking notes, doing book exercises,

    memorizing grammar

Material truly Customized to Student

  • Tailored to your individual job & career

  • Optional business material based on your job

    and needs

Student Adapts to Material

  • Same material and approach for everyone

  • Generic material doesn’t apply to your job

Real Confidence

  • Regular practice and simulations with a native


Real Insecurity

  • Unsure if you’re using correct language or if

    native speakers will understand you

Diverse and Interesting Material

  • Discuss real issues in today’s world –

    sophisticated topics keep you engaged and let

    you provide in-depth explanations

Boring Material

  • Boring books and exercises require 2 cups of

    coffee before class


Gain ability and confidence to perform business tasks in the real world

Build fluency, confidence and vocabulary while discussing interesting topics in today’s world

Refine presenting skills and build confidence communicating in English in an OTB Presentation Workshop.


Private or Group


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