Looking to be a better presenter in English?

If so, do not miss this opportunity! 


Weeks of April 8th, 15th and 22nd 

Join Tarik Ammour, founder of OTB English in São Paulo, Brazil, for one of his five workshops in New York.

*8 participants per session - reserve your spot now.  

Working together to be more comfortableconfident and prepared to present in real-life business situations.


Build a toolkit of words and phrases to use when presenting your company, data, charts and more.

Presentation Structure:

Practice giving a structured presentation: a clearly detailed message with a purposeful conclusion.
Work on smooth transitions and emphasizing important points.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Give a variety of presentations: plenty of opportunities to apply what you are learning.


Individualized feedback from Tarik and participants.


Boost confidence by speaking to a variety of participants.

Analyze other participant's presentations and grow together.


Q and A With Workshop Participants

Daniel Pastore

Billing, Routing and Intel Manager

Datora Telecom

What did you enjoy about the presentation workshop?
It was very practical.  Corporate-driven topics.  Information was easy to follow, understand and apply.  It’s a very important workshop for anyone dealing with foreigners – occasionally or on a regular basis!
How would you describe the coaches?

Very nice guys who made the workshop and topics easy to understand, and even better: to apply in real situations. Each coach had a specialty and gave more detailed feedback on a certain topic. Every thing from suggestions of better words and phrases to use to more adequate attitudes for the moment and situation
How did your presentation skills improve?
I feel more confident.  I was able to remove some bad habits. My presentations are now more “natural”, where I can focus  on the actual content, and not how to present and explain it.

Diego Farani

Solutions Architect

Vodafone Brazil

What did you enjoy about the presentation workshop?
The way that the coaches managed the training was great.  The steps of how to present properly and the general tips were also valuable.
How would you describe the coaches?

They were amazing.  They gave me so much knowledge about how to present in front of people, and they also pushed me to get better all the time.
How did your presentation skills improve?
My first presentation was horrible, but after I got some feedback and material about how to present in English in public then I started to improve myself more and more.


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