Online classes prepare your team to communicate in English naturally and confidently. Through practice and guidance from our American language coaches, we teach your team to communicate with authentic language and higher levels of fluency in routine business tasks and crucial business situations, such as meetings, video conferences with foreigners, negotiations and a base of phrases to use when making small talk or discussing current events at a business lunch.

A focus on authentic language

A focus on authentic language

Classes to better understand business terms and phrases, and feedback to reinforce the language, all of which results in greater confidence to apply it in real-life situations.

Dynamic material

Dynamic material

Our material is structured so that students master language in day-to-day business situations, such as meetings, presentations, scheduling and more. Good to Great Speaker also offers video discussions on a variety of topics, so your team can practice comprehension and express themselves authentically in debates on a variety of topics.

Real progress and concrete results

Real progress and concrete results

In Good to Great Speaker, students see real progress, comparing video recordings of themselves performing tasks proposed in our material.

Think in English and evolve

Think in English and evolve

Good to Great Speaker provides the basis for your team to develop their business English, face challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the market.



Online classes for you to learn to use your repertoire to present projects, sell a great idea and negotiate consistently in the business world.


Speak authentically: learn to use objective communication and correct pronunciation.


Our approach is online, dynamic, and fresh, and employs three key ingredients:





Study programs created by teachers that include the real-life challenges and situations their students face at work.


Stay up-to-date and learn more about current events.  Apply vocabulary and knowledge from classes to real-life professional situations

Discover how OTB English can help you speak better English, focused on your needs and challenges.


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